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Class 7 - transport

We do the transport of radioactive isotopes and raw materials for medical and industrial applications

We transport radioactive isotopes and raw materials that are destined for the use in medical and industrial applications every day. Transport Debrouwer is licensed for more than 35 years to execute Class 7-transport. Over that period of time, we have developed a comprehensive expertise in this exceptional specialisation. We work under strict supervision and control of the FANC (Federal Agency for Nuclear Control) and possess a radioprotection program.

Class 7-transport is strictly regulated and requires a specific attention towards safety of the goods, the environment and the employees. All our drivers are obligated to wear a dosimeter, to have a ADR-certificate and to have followed a special Class 7-training. We also organise yearly training sessions within the company.

We have the necessary permits to transport Class 7 in Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK. We also have cooperations with transport companies all over the EU so that we can find a solution to transport Class 7 goods all over Europe. 

We use the experience and the knowhow we have gained in the transport of Class 7 to organise other transport when it comes to special permits, road vignettes, paper work and safe working conditions. 

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