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Crane Service

Tons of experience in crane service with special attention towards safety

We have different trucks and trailers equipped with cranes. Some of them slide out to 22 meters while they hold weights up to 2700 kg. We use these to unload heavy construction materials, compressors, airco units, bobbins et cetera. We have several cranes, all with a different lifting capacity.

Some examples:

  • FASSI F365RA.2.26 : Crane up to 36,5 ton / meter, lorry with trailer. 
  • PALFINGER PK48002 EHB : Crane up to 48 ton / meter, truck with trailer. 
  • PALFINGER PK78002 SH : Crane up to 78 ton / meter, lorry with trailer. 
  • PALFINGER PK92002 SH: Crane, truck with fly-jib

All of our cranes and their accessories are submitted to external controls every quarter by a recognised organisation. The cranes are operated by certified and experienced drivers to ensure the quality and the safety of everybody involved. 

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